Case: As a multi-million dollar concern, Camfour is among the top ten wholesale firearm distributors in the US with a client base that spans both coasts and includes major chain retailers as well as mom and pop storefronts. Camfour has a solid inside sales team, a loyal customer base, and a proven sales support infrastructure, but major changes in the economic and political climate as well as industry contractions gradually took a toll on Comfour’s top line.

Challenge: Operating on thin profit margins, Camfour didn’t have the luxury to invest in a traditional marketing blitz. Nor could it launch a large sales recruiting effort. Instead, Camfour needed to identify ways to optimize existing sales and marketing programs and transform it’s inside sales team from order takers to order makers.

Recommendation: Implement systematic ways to target and develop new customer accounts. Foster Sales Team agreement on specific performance benchmarks and the importance of new individual targets required to reach corporate goals. Lay the groundwork for a culture of team accountability and focused effort in support of corporate revenue goals. Train sales reps on specific ways to improve efficiency, as well as up-sell and cross sell existing customers.

Result: A detailed sales audit found 11 specific areas for improvement and made 15 specific recommendations that could be implemented at little or no cost. We zeroed in on of performance gaps within the sales team, then designed and delivered a training program that specifically addressed skill gaps including measuring and managing particular campaigns.

“I am very pleased with the services provided by the Steady Sales Group. After just six weeks, we have noticed a significant improvement in the performance of team members making & closing cold calls, overcoming price objections and reducing drag accounts. I highly recommend Sheldon and The Steady Sales Group to any organization looking for a professional sales consultant that can deliver results.”

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