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Case Study & Interview transcription downloads

Beautiful.  You made it.

Below, you’ll find both the transcription of my interview with Lou Davis from last month, as well as the original case study, “Say Less Sell More:  How to get people to buy from you one step at a time.”

I remind you, this entertaining and educational story and worksheet, examines my work with Lou Davis, while he was a VP of Sales & Marketing.  I coached him to make just a few small changes to his sales approach that yielded profound improvements.

PS. Quoting from the case : “His e-mail reply rate doubled. The number of “gate keepers” who allowed Lou through also increased by one hundred percent. And most gratifying of all, Lou now gets five out of ten calls returned; an almost four-fold increase in success from voice-mail.”

Here again are the links:



Audio (Sorry, the recording was of such poor quality that I can’t bear to post it. )