Diet Center

Through Sheldon’s lively and engaging trainings, my staff and I developed effective sales scripts that both increased our closing rate, and gave us a repeatable system to consistently generate results. Because weight loss is so personal and emotional, we didn't want to use hard sales formulas.


A detailed sales audit found 11 specific areas for improvement and made 15 specific recommendations that could be implemented at little or no cost. We zeroed in on of performance gaps within the sales team, then designed and delivered a training program that specifically addressed skill gaps including measuring and managing particular campaigns.

The 401k Coach Program

Developed and executed a methodical sales process including call back schedules, call scripts and sequenced correspondence. Helped fill to capacity the first program Steady Sales was hired to sell. Spearheaded the launch of a sales oriented Web conference that yielded a nearly 300% ROI. A 950% ROI was earned on the fees paid to The Steady Sales Group.

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