Case: The Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association (CAIA) was a newly formed professional association within the world of Finance. The CAIA needed to build both brand awareness and the number of enrollments in its certification exams.

Challenge: This was a classic catch-22. As a new industry association, the CAIA name lacked the cachet necessary to attract a large pool of new members (candidates), and because new member growth was slow the brand name couldn’t spread among the targeted constituency. Furthermore, the organization didn’t have the financial ad staff resources to engage in a full blown, traditional marketing campaign.

Recommendation: Form key strategic partnerships with select organizations capable of referring large numbers of candidates, and promoting the association name for little or no cost. Articulate unique benefits with tangible value the CAIA could use to barter.

Result: Gained entré to 6 potential strategic partners, and laid the ground work for future collaboration Negotiated the creation of a free CAIA private label, on-line bookstore with a major industry publisher. Negotiated free periodical advertising, and shared-cost direct mailing to over 10,000 highly targeted prospects.

“Because of Sheldon, we gained entré to 6 potential strategic partners”

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