“Our company was muddling through a difficult time of transition in our management which had left a painful gap in our sales efforts. It was also taking a serious toll on morale. Sheldon and staff basically “parachuted” in a very SWAT-like way and became a temporary sales management and set into motion some very positive, clear and immediate goals.

Our team pulled together and was able to follow meeting formats that Sheldon introduced us to. Several employees received individual coaching and as a team we all became much stronger. When we were ready to make a new permanent management hire – Sheldon was there to help us define our needs and communicate where we were coming from.

We still use many of the techniques he helped institute and we all have a clearer understanding of what we seek to accomplish in our sales goals every day.

Sheldon’s combination of high energy, focused drive and polished skill provided a much needed boost to our sales efforts at a critical time in our company. He jumped in with enthusiasms and was able to generate results with minimal direction, working with Sheldon was both easy and inspiring.”

Amy Scott , Vice President – (413) 589-0367