Sales Challenge: As a start up business owner working part time, Loralee needed to find that elusive balance among the competing demands of generating new sales, internal operations and an unrelated part-time job. She had an abundance of great ideas and support, but needed help developing and implementing quick start strategies to generate immediate revenue at the least cost.

“Sheldon helped me see that every day there is something simple I could do to make my business more successful. Yet the simple things were sometimes hard for me, like picking up the phone to call a prospective retailer to carry my products. Even finding the right language to talk to perfect strangers about what it is I do, which is make wonderful chocolates, seemed onerous. But Sheldon made it so easy. His advice helped me market my business in the most effortless manner possible. Now business is oh so sweet. Thanks, Sheldon!”

Ms. Loralee Pilon, Owner. (413) 222-5906