Sales and Marketing Challenge: Dr. Binca Warren has built a comprehensive dental practice in part by combining her deep compassion for patients and a solid commitment to professional development and modern technology. She employs a staff of 5 professionals and regularly spends time gathered to discuss possibilities for continuous improvement in the office. Often new policies, procedures, or initiatives result from such gatherings. However, a frequent challenge is the fact that these undertakings often fall by the wayside and staff sometimes reverts to old ways of doing things. Dr. Warren was convinced that her staff could do a better job at consistently rolling out the red carpet for her patients so that they would repeat and refer more often. She hired the Steady Sales Group to develop a training program that the staff could get behind and more importantly -stick to.

I really enjoyed working with Sheldon because he quickly was able to estimate my needs and attend to them in a systematic, timely and efficient approach. He used very respectful ways to address and manage delicate issues in my practice to great effect.”
Dr. Binca Warren, DDS. (413) 584-2902