Sales and Marketing Challenge: Dr Sue Keller is a brilliant practitioner with technical expertise unrivaled in her marketplace. With a solid reputation and a loyal client base, Sue made a major shift in the type of clientele she sought, and the procedures she wished to focus on. Her challenge was essentially to re-brand the office, and artfully launch a new series of marketing initiatives focused on a well defined niche.

“Working with Sheldon at The Steady Sales Group means having a business partner who brings both substantial experience and vision outside my professional expertise. He has great ideas, but more importantly, he inspires me to improve my own ideas. Sheldon takes the time to understand what I’m looking to accomplish and helps me plot a course to get there. Then he stays on board to help navigate and to help work the lines when needed. I also appreciate his emphasis on cost-effective marketing that is creative and memorable. Because I’ve learned I can’t do it all myself, I’m glad to have Sheldon on board my journey to business success.”

Dr. Sue Keller, Owner. (413) 773-9274