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Every month, usually the first or second Monday, I delve deeply into one topic, personally answer any sales questions you have, and reinforce key principles I follow to help sales people and business owners close more sales, make more money and worry less. As part of this TeleClass, I will hold an open forum  Q&A to address the specific sales challenges you bring to the session. Join me, won’t you!

Next Class Date: Monday, December 4th at 12 noon, ET.

What Is It?

This free TeleClass is always live and I always share specific action items that you can immediately use in your business.

You will also get the opportunity to ask any question you wish so you can experience if my style, and distance learning suits you.

To find out more about how I may help, read through the agenda below, complete the registration form, and mark the date in your calendar.  I will send you a confirmation e-mail with all the details. I look forward to meeting you.

How it works.

All TeleClasses are held via a conference line. Simply dial the phone number that I will send to you upon registration. The call is free except for regular charges that may apply through your phone company – just like calling an out of town friend.

You can call from any phone in the world. To join the call you need to reserve your space by completing the form above. Once you submit the form, you’ll get an e-mail with the teleconference number, date, time, and pass a code to join me.

What you get.

If there is sufficient time, in addition to the topic described above, you’ll also get:

1. Good company. We’ll hear from others on the line, what business they are in and the challenges they are facing. You are not alone.

2. A success model. Learn a simple acronym to remember the 4 Keys to success no matter what your goals. You’ll hear my distilation of what every seminar, book, audio, video or expert on ANY topic for personal improvement espouses.

3. A revenue strategy. There are only four profit boosting methods that exist for any business. Discover why your focus on the most obvious method may be costing you time, energy and money. Many people get mired in method number two – the most difficult and expensive of the four – but you can avoid the pitfall.

4. An accountability mechanism. There are 5 vital ingredients to setting and achieving business goals consistently. The goals must be articulated in a way you can manage. Learn how to apply a powerful acronym every time you set your sights high.

5. An attentive coach. I’ll take whatever questions you have, plus share some reflective questions of my own to help you gauge where in the success formula you bog down and how to break out.

The TeleClass will end with a special offer to help you with that all important ingredient to success – execution.

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