CSR Sales Training & Coaching


The Hanover Platinum Experience:

Without a doubt, the very best and most effective program of its kind.
EVP Personal Lines, HUB Int’l New England

Tackle the single biggest obstacle to improving CSR sales outcomes: Habituating Strong Sales Behaviors. 


Hanover-Platinum-CSR-Sales-Regardless of their experience level, Account Managers (aka, CSRs) can absolutely improve their competencies to cross-sell, up-sell, qualify and close with greater comfort and frequency. And the change can stick.

Sheldon Snodgrass, The Steady Sales Coach facilitates precisely that outcome with insurance agents across the country.

Combine on-site visits with live, web-video that delivers coach-the-coach lessons, private consultations and group training that enables what all of us, deep-down, know we need to get better: Practice.

Via ½ day intensives, quarterly sprints, or monthly lessons throughout the year, get up to a 25% discount on lessons that include: The Re-Market Save . The Cross-Sell Generator . The Account Rounder. The Referral Harvester. The Campaign Jump Starter. The Meeting Magnifier. The Value Builder and many more.

Take advantage of the Hanover discounts up to 25%

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