Case: Hollrock Engineering manufactures and sells golf range and course equipment (such as ball pickers, washers, score cards, etc.) all over the US and abroad. A team of six full time sales reps is responsible for phoning and developing relationships, with hundreds of target facilities in a given territory. Product sales range from 2-dollar accessories to $40 thousand ballpark batting systems

Challenge: Hollrock Engineering was facing its third year of steadily declining revenues. Of the six sales reps on staff, three were veterans long accustomed to the era of booming sales that required little in the way of new account prospecting and outbound sales activity. The company had just added three new members to its sales force but had not yet built the necessary infrastructure (accurate contact databases, computers, management mechanisms, training, etc.) to adequately support them. Additionally, the arrival of new sales reps brought a redistribution of long held territories, a revised compensation plan, and new standards for all, thus creating some tension between the old and the new.

Recommendation: Get management to take a hard look at some old practices that no longer fit in the new environment, including an upgrade to its IT systems, contact database, and supervisory style. Deliver a training program tailored to the veteran reps need to buy into a new way of selling, and both the new and veteran reps need for increased phone effectiveness. Develop individual sales plans, restructure the format and content of sales meeting to focus on peer support for outbound call activity, compelling sales dialog and faster qualification of prospects. Manage sales activity rather than closed business.

Result: Faster and more accurate management of sales activity, sales forecasting, and territory development. Clear and acceptable individual goals, and self-accountability. Corporate re-organization that involved the reassignment of the corporate sales manager, a new compensation plan, and the departure of three sales reps.

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