"I help insurance agency CSR’s and their leaders up-sell,
cross-sell, qualify and close more consistently and confidently.
Small, smart changes yield greater profit and pleasure."
J. Sheldon Snodgrass, M.B.A.
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"Sheldon's approach to sales has made a positive impact on our employees. Everyone's sales are up, and service continues to improve. The investment we made was well worth it!
Thank you Sheldon..."
Everyone's Sales Are Up Cross Insurance, Manchester, NH READ MORE
“Sheldon did a terrific job in jumpstarting our sales culture with his energetic and enthusiastic coaching.  Implementing Sheldon’s relatively simple suggestions and small changes, we’ve already seen our asks increase by over 200%.  Quotes and closes are up, and we are thrilled with the results!” Our Asks Increased By Over 200% Dwight Rudd Insurance READ MORE
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How To Turn a Strikeout Into an Action Plan

As I was digging through some archival video footage of past seminars and workshops that I have delivered, I came across a little nugget that I think provides an excellent way to think about maintaining progress in the face of setbacks.

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Prospecting, Cold Calls and Sales OH MY!

This is an audio of a 1 hr live seminar presentation I delivered to an audience of entrepreneurs that are part of the Hidden-tech.net alliance.

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