Case: Hubcap Consulting is a Sole Proprietorship that specializes in writing c++ and python code on a contract basis. Hubcap’s owner, Mark Bucciarelli, was interested in expanding his service offerings to include open source consulting, but had only vague or conflicting notions of how and where to begin.

Challenge: Although Mark had received expert advice on certain aspects of sales planning, the offer was still imprecise, the value ill defined, and the best approach to new sales illusory. Perhaps more important, Mark was far less comfortable being a “salesman” than he was being a technician.

Recommendation: Hone the offering and focus on developing expertise in the high value and high demand skill set. Start out small as a way to gain confidence, polish the offering and deliverables, and conduct local market research to assess viability. Then zero in on high probability prospect firms with a well-crafted program, and a scripted approach, presentation and close.

Result: Gained a high degree of confidence, and excitement about “getting out and selling.” Increased focus, self-accountability, and forward momentum. Developed a strong program that “feels right.”

“Following one piece of Sheldon’s advice resulted in a sale worth three times what I paid him for the advice.”
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