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“I don’t study insurance pricing, binding, underwriting, workflow, claims, loss ratios, contingencies or anything else related to the back-end of insurance agency operations. Let me just get that out front.

  • I study sales and human behavior, and I do this primarily for insurance professionals so they can boost the profit and pleasure they get from work while delivering more value to their customers.
  • I could tell you, and it would true, about the billion-dollar insurance call centers where I coached the coaches.
  • I could share with you, and it would be true, that I coach with equal success single-location, million-dollar agencies, and multi-state, hundred million dollar agencies.
  • I could crow about the double-digit increases here and the high percentage gains there.  But I won’t.  Hear it directly from my customers by reading the results page here.

Instead, I will tell you that…

  • At the age of twelve, I made my first of countless sales mistakes by asking the nuns at my Catholic School if I could take Chanukah off. (Wrong market and message!)
  • Proving the adage that good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment, I failed with four different start-ups before I found a clue. (Troubled methods!)
  • After four years as an Army officer, including the rigorous Airborne jump school, I traded military discipline, bearing and stamina for a civilian career that required the same attributes: 100% commission-based selling in Boston’s corporate jungle.

Within two years I was promoted to be the New England Region, Sales trainer for Uniglobe Travel, the third largest travel franchisor in the world at the time.  Subsequently, I was recruited to a series of sales and marketing leadership positions in public utilities, information technology and the software industry.

Man, that was a lot of selling! Inspired by my success and failures, I launched to help service professionals sell. (Finally, the right market, message and method!)

Along the way I earned an MBA from UMass Isenberg School of Management, and became an Entrepreneurial Business Planning Instructor through the NxLevel Educational Foundation.   I am also a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach whose book chapter on salesmanship helped propel Guerrilla Marketing on the Front Lines to an best-seller.  (Okay, it was only for two days, but still.)

Lest I be too consumed with work, my wife, two daughters and roles as a perpetual volunteer, ski instructor and white water rafting guide keep my focused on matters of the heart.  My world HQ is in Williamsburg, MA.

I have three coaching principles:

  1. Meet people where they are.
  2. Ignite their own desire to improve.
  3. Repeat


My approach and philosophy are informed by the writings and teachings of many luminaries in the field of sales, marketing and personal development including:

  • Jay Conrad Levinson’s — Guerrilla Marketingseries of books
  • Marty Neumeier’s — The Brand Gap
  • Joseph Pine and James Gilmore’s -The Experience Economy
  • T. Harv Ecker – Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
  • Tim Sanders – Love is the Killer App
  • CJ Haydens’s — Get Clients Now
  • Geshe Michael Roach’s — The Diamond Cutter
  • Steven Covey’s — 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Jacques Werth’s — High Probability Selling
  • Michael Gerber’s — E-Myth
  • Richard Bach, Tich Nhat Hanh, Gandhi, and many others

Give me a call and let’s connect.

But first, enjoy this free handbook with my compliments.

Sheldon Snodgrass, MBA
Sales Coach, Speaker, Author

Phone: 413.244.2294
E-mail: sheldon (at) steady sales (dot) com

Sheldon’s knowledge and passion for sales is infectious.  He shared many great idea’s, not the least of which was a fun sales contest that allowed me to reward the staff while interacting with our clients. His lesson on transitioning from service task to sales ask was also a major winner with my team and we all embraced it. Rewrites have slowed, which was a major goal of mine, and all of us are now asking questions regarding how and why we do certain things in the agency. I thank him for that.

Sean D. Cornelius, President
Weed Ross Agency

We highly recommend Sheldon and his Steady Sales Program. Our team was struggling with making the ask for up sells & cross sells. After only a few short months we found our team using Sheldon’s strategies and by 6 months our ask rate doubled. Results and attitudes following closely behind!!! Sheldon came with a wealth of knowledge, an interest in understanding our needs, and worked with our team to make this program a success. Thank you Sheldon

Shelley MacRae, CIP, Personal Lines Manager
Cooke Insurance Group

I’m happy I participated in your program with my staff.  We all grew more comfortable with the discomfort of selling which increased our confidence in both new business sales and cross selling.  As a result, we implemented improvements in how we communicate with our clients using multiple forms of direct communication. We launched a cross selling campaign that ties what we learned from the program to our goals as an agency.   Your program was well worth the financial and time investment.

Philip Weise, President
Cal Branch Insurance

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