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6-min highlights from 60-min Keynote to Sales Leaders

35-sec. Sales focus=focused practice. BEEP, voice mail. Huh?

20-sec. Start building sales skills – start with you inner dialogue.

18-sec. Riff on perception gap between buyers & sellers

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The 7 Steps of the Sales Process

No matter what you're selling, every sales person follows roughly the same pattern. It's a rare sale that doesn't include each of these steps in one form or another. Understanding the basic structure of sales helps ensure success.


Guerrilla Salesmanship

This is an audio replay of a chapter preview for the latest Guerrilla Marketing book, in which I’m a featured author. This book became an Amazon bestseller in the same week it was released. The chapter title is: “Guerrilla Salesmanship. How a vintage Airstream trailer, chocolate chip cookies and artful questions turned a start-up tech support company into a market leader.”

Audio Replay of an Insurance Agency CSR Training Call

This replay is of a complimentary training call for Insurance Agency Customer Service Reps in MA and NJ.  The class recaps  a live presentation about the four success principals required to boost cross selling effectiveness. Prudential Insurance Agencies sales training re-cap call

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