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6-min highlights from 60-min Keynote to Sales Leaders

35-sec. Sales focus=focused practice. BEEP, voice mail. Huh?

20-sec. Start building sales skills – start with you inner dialogue.

18-sec. Riff on perception gap between buyers & sellers

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Guerrilla Salesmanship

This is an audio replay of a chapter preview for the latest Guerrilla Marketing book, in which I’m a featured author. This book became an Amazon bestseller in the same week it was released. The chapter title is: “Guerrilla Salesmanship. How a vintage Airstream trailer, chocolate chip cookies and artful questions turned a start-up tech support company into a market leader.”

Audio Replay of an Insurance Agency CSR Training Call

This replay is of a complimentary training call for Insurance Agency Customer Service Reps in MA and NJ.  The class recaps  a live presentation about the four success principals required to boost cross selling effectiveness. Prudential Insurance Agencies sales training re-cap call

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