for Insurance Industry Customer Service Representatives, Account Managers, and their leaders

for Insurance Industry Customer Service Representatives, Account Managers, and their leaders

“Very upbeat and inspiring! I feel invincible after meetings!”

HUB International, CSR

Tackle the single biggest obstacle to improving CSR sales outcomes: habituating strong sales behaviors.

After an optional on-site kickoff event CSR’s get a monthly dose of live, remotely delivered, easily digestible lessons customized to your agency.

They learn to cross-sell, up-sell, account-round, and close more business, more confidently, and more frequently. Plus, owners and managers get private, coach-the coach sessions to ensure a successful implementation – all without leaving the office.

Designed for success

We make resolutions. We devise plans. We fire up and then, often, we fizzle. It is human nature. To keep any fire burning you must feed it. Using group wisdom, high interactivity, and quality content, your service and management team become active participants in a focused and enjoyable growth experience. You get engaging, live, web-video coaching that provides three keys to turn behavior change into the powerful habits that drive profits:

  • Desire (buy-in)
  • Means (skills)
  • Accountability (repetition, measurement, support)

Through group discussions, role plays, and customized worksheets, participants grow to a new level of competency and commitment to boost their sales effectiveness.

“Sheldon’s work helped my team nearly double their closing ratio. This transition was much more effective than I ever thought possible.”
Peter Whalen, Owner
Whalen Insurance

“We’ve already seen our asks increase by over 200%. Quotes and closes are up, and we are thrilled with the results!”
Barbara Targum, Vice President
Dwight Rudd Insurance

“By the last session, 80% of the calls turned into new business and we saw an increased growth in coverage up sells as a TEAM.”
JoAnne Finck, Vice President
Finck & Perras Insurance

Your CSR Team Sessions help staff to learn and practice agency-specific skills.

  • Consistently and comfortably transition in-bound customer service calls into sales conversations.
  • Turn renewal review calls into account rounding and up-selling opportunities that are welcomed by clients.
  • Handle sales objections without sounding pushy or manipulative.
  • Boost close ratios among prospects calling to shop and compare.
  • Generate more customer and interdepartmental referrals among commercial lines, personal lines, life, health or employee benefits
  • Reduce re-marketing every time a customer says, “Shop for me. My rate went up!”, without worrying about losing the customer.
  • And most important of all, eliminate fear-based, limiting beliefs. Instead, help your CSRS develop an integrated practice of serving and selling based on integrity, intention, and their language in any moment of choice.

“Our team was struggling with up sells & cross sells.  Using Sheldon’s strategies our ask rate doubled.  Results and attitudes following closely behind!”

Shelley MacRae, CIP, Personal Lines Manager
Cooke Insurance Group

Your private, Coach-the-Coach Sessions help you make changes stick between CSR calls.

Get insight, support, and techniques to:

  • Keep sales efforts from fizzling out.
  • Lead staff sales-huddles that are disciplined, productive, focused, and fun.
  • Measure and manage the behaviors that drive outcomes instead of only the outcomes themselves.
  • Inspire excellence without always resorting to cash, which inevitably loses its power to drive lasting change.
  • Avoid the sabotage that managerial demands inevitably visit upon good intentions, fresh sales ideas, and team accountability.

“Cross selling conversations increased 36% and we more than doubled sales from cross selling over the same period last year.”

Jules Gaudreau, Owner
The Gaudreau Group

How it works

Get inspired intention, steady attention, and disciplined implementation over time.

Every month, get two high-impact coaching experiences that will boost sales. Following your optional on-site, kick-off event, the first coaching experience is an agency specific sales training module and worksheets delivered to your CSR’s during a 45-minute, live, video call. Second, get a coach-the-coach call to hone lessons specific to your agency, provide management tools, discuss results or roadblocks, and make sure that the training sticks.

All calls are recorded and archived so that your agency has an ever expanding resource library for absent employees, independent study, or continued reinforcement. 100% happiness guarantee. If after the initial session you don’t believe the program will deliver on its promised results, you get a full refund but can keep all program materials.

“His witty and engaging approach to breaking down the barriers that hold our service team back from reaching their full potential, and his simple but effective toolkit showed measurable results.”

Jeff Saunders, Area President – Private Client and Personal Lines
Arthur J Gallagher

“Over the course of his coaching, we saw a 73% increase in net new PL policies.”

Bob Borawski, President
Borawski Insurance

“Over the course of his coaching, we saw a 73% increase in net new PL policies.”

Bob Borawski, President
Borawski Insurance

Trusted since 2002 by elite independent insurance agencies and the companies that serve them

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Sheldon’s knowledge and passion for sales is infectious.  He shared many great idea’s, not the least of which was a fun sales contest that allowed me to reward the staff while interacting with our clients. His lesson on transitioning from service task to sales ask was also a major winner with my team and we all embraced it. Rewrites have slowed, which was a major goal of mine, and all of us are now asking questions regarding how and why we do certain things in the agency. I thank him for that.

Sean D. Cornelius, President
Weed Ross Agency

We highly recommend Sheldon and his Steady Sales Program. Our team was struggling with making the ask for up sells & cross sells. After only a few short months we found our team using Sheldon’s strategies and by 6 months our ask rate doubled. Results and attitudes following closely behind!!! Sheldon came with a wealth of knowledge, an interest in understanding our needs, and worked with our team to make this program a success. Thank you Sheldon

Shelley MacRae, CIP, Personal Lines Manager
Cooke Insurance Group

I’m happy I participated in your program with my staff.  We all grew more comfortable with the discomfort of selling which increased our confidence in both new business sales and cross selling.  As a result, we implemented improvements in how we communicate with our clients using multiple forms of direct communication. We launched a cross selling campaign that ties what we learned from the program to our goals as an agency.   Your program was well worth the financial and time investment.

Philip Weise, President
Cal Branch Insurance

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