Habituate Strong Sales Behaviors

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Tackle the single biggest obstacle to improving CSR sales outcomes: habituating strong sales behaviors.

Aristotle taught, “We are what we repeatedly do. {Sales} Excellence then, is not an act but a habit.”

In this live, remotely-delivered program, CSR’s get a monthly dose of easily digestible content customized to your agency. They learn to cross-sell, up-sell, account-round, and close more business, more confidently, and more frequently. Plus, owners and managers get private, coach-the coach sessions to ensure a successful implementation – all without leaving the office.

We make resolutions. We devise plans. We fire up and then, often, we fizzle. It is human nature.

To keep any fire burning you must feed it. For one year, the CSR Sales Habit Builder delivers engaging, live, web-video coaching that provides the key, most difficult part of change: practicing new behaviors. After crucial buy-in, it’s practice, practice, practice that turns good ideas into the powerful habits that feed a great company sales culture.

The CSR Sales Habit Builder boosts profits, and reduces your sales management burden because CSR’s learn and practice agency-specific skills such as how to:

  1. Easily transition service calls into sales conversations every time they interact with clients.
  2. Turn account review calls into account rounding and up-selling calls that are welcomed by clients.
  3. Ask simple questions using an emotive sales process to sell beyond price and improve the closing ratio among prospects calling to shop and compare.
  4. Generate more referrals – between departments and customers. For example, how could your commercial lines and personal lines overlap? What about more life, health, LTC or employee benefits referrals? Could your happiest customers tell more people about you?
  5. Stop wasting time re-marketing policies every time a customer says, “My rate went up!”
  6. Create airtight follow-up habits for people who say: “I’ll send it to you…” or “I’ll ask my spouse and then call you back.”
  7. And most important of all, confront the fear-based, limiting beliefs that people hate to be sold or that people only care about the lowest price. Instead, help your CSR’s develop an integrated practice of serving and selling based on integrity, intention, and their language in the moment of choice.

Increase management’s capacity to make change stick with a private, coach-the-coach sessions between CSR training calls. Get insight, support, and techniques to:

  1. Keep sales campaigns from fizzling out before the upsurge in endorsements, umbrellas, rounding, or referrals.
  2. Lead staff sales-huddles that are disciplined, productive, focused, and fun.
  3. Measure and manage the behaviors that drive outcomes instead of only the outcomes themselves.
  4. Inspire your team to sell without always resorting to cash incentives, which inevitably lose their power.
  5. Build an arsenal of compelling correspondence and insurance stories that will help your team sell with ready replies to the most frequent objections they hear day after day.
  6. And most important of all, avoid the sabotage that managerial demands on time and energy visits upon good intentions, fresh sales ideas, motivation, and team accountability.
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How it works. Get inspired intention, steady attention, and disciplined implementation over time.

  • Every month, two high-impact training touches will make all the difference. First, an agency-specific, sales training module and worksheet delivered individually to your CSR’s during a 60-minute, live, video call. Second, a coach-the-coach call to hone lessons specific to your agency, provide management tools, discuss results or roadblocks, and make sure that training sticks.
  • All calls are recorded and archived so that your agency has an ever expanding resource library for absent employees, independent study, or continued reinforcement.

Bring practice, repetition, and a manageable pace to the training and change process.

You will see profits and morale soar.

  • Based on human nature – even the strongest skeptics will be won over, month by month.
  • 100% happiness guarantee.
  • If after the initial session you don’t believe the program will deliver on its promised results, you get a full refund – but can keep all program materials.

Presented by professional sales coach, J. Sheldon Snodgrass, MBA.


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