Cross-sell, up-sell, qualify and close with greater comfort and frequency

This workshop will help you protect your existing book of business, while tapping the vast resources of profit that lay hidden just beneath your current marketing efforts and existing customers.

The Sales Skills Intensive boosts your agency’s profits by teaching service staff how to consistently round the existing customer base and close new inquiries faster and more easily than ever.  CSRs develop the competencies to cross-sell, up-sell, qualify and close with greater comfort and frequency.

They master how to identify the best sales and service opportunities and how to use direct, consistent, and compelling communication skills.  While revenue is added to the top-line, you build a protective “moat” around the agency’s book of business.

The Sales Skills Intensive, delivered over the course of four, 60-90 minute, weekly group coaching sessions (on-site or via live, web-video) provides greater sticking power than more typical one-day programs. Each session ends with a weekly action plan to help team members keep other accountable.  Afterwards, you get a full quarter’s worth of implementation support.

100% happiness guarantee.  If after the initial session you don’t believe the program will deliver on its promised results, you get a full refund – but can keep all program materials.

How The Program Works: 

Using group wisdom, high interactivity, and quality content, your service and management team become active participants in a focused and enjoyable training experience.   The curriculum includes:

1.  Agency Discovery
Begin with an introductory call to discuss your unique agency profile, baseline metrics, growth targets, prior sales initiatives, agency successes, and areas that need attention.

2.  Ready-Set-Mindset
Take a collective look in the mirror at the most crucial element in sales effectiveness –pre-programmed beliefs about sales and sales skills development. Participants discover why sales and service are two sides of the same coin, and how the best performers attend to both simultaneously.

3.  Competitive Awareness
Replace fear of aggressive competitors with a deep understanding of the unique opportunities for independent agencies.

4.  Goal Setting
Participants set clear benchmarks that based on where they are and where to aim.

5.  Qualify & Close
Most prospects are happy to spend your time and money requesting quotes that they fully intend to shop for price, which is an enormous drain on agency resources and morale.  Participants practice the art of a courteous and convincing delivery that positions your agency as the best choice –   regardless of price.

6.  Up-sell & Cross-sell
Monoline, and even dual-line accounts, represent a vast, untapped opportunity to boost revenue or generate referrals. Participants learn how to attune their “opportunity radar” on every call so they can sell while they serve in a manner that keeps their egos and integrity intact.

7.  Outbound Customer Calls
As part of an account rounding strategy, participants learn a simple plan for making outbound calls that easily fits into their busy schedules.  Customers are grateful for the call, become more loyal, and eagerly write more business with you.

8.  Handle Objections
Participants learn the art of a well scripted reply to the most frequent sales situations (“I’ll check with my spouse and get back to you”, for example, or, “that sounds expensive” ) and practice delivering winning answers with confidence.

Designed for Success

This program works because it is built upon the three critical ingredients for long-lasting behavior change:

  • Desire (aka, buy-in),
  • Means (aka, skill set) and
  • Accountability (aka, repetition and measurement).

Through group discussions, role plays, and a customized workbook, participants grow to a new level of competency and commitment to boost their sales effectiveness.


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