The CSR Sales Accelerator Program

This workshop has been developed to help Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s) in the insurance and financial services field and will  help you protect your existing  book  of business, while  tapping  the vast reserves of profit  that lay hidden  just beneath  your current marketing  efforts and  existing customers.  This inspiring, multi-week coaching intensive boosts agency profits by teaching CSR’s to reliably up-sell & cross-sell existing accounts and close new inquiries faster and more easily.

“I watched him turn a CSR who “hated salespeople” into a representative who, by the end of the training day, was convinced she could be a sales catalyst for her agency.”

Marshal Katz, Insurance Education Training & Consultant


  • The Sales Accelerator  Program  boosts agency  profits by enabling  CSRs to round your existing  accounts, and close new inquiries  faster and  more easily.
  • Account  Managers  (a.k.a.,  CSRs) develop  the competencies  to cross-sell, up-sell, qualify  and close with greater  comfort,  confidence  and  frequency.
  • One-day  programs  do little to ensure implementation  of key lessons and accountability.   This program is delivered over the course  of five, 60-90 minute, weekly group coaching sessions [on-site or via webinar].  Afterward,   you get a full quarter’s worth  of implementation  support.
  • Each session ends with a weekly  action  plan for team members help each other stay accountable and  yield  a profound  change  in results.


If after the initial  session, you don’t  believe  the program  will  deliver on its promised  results, you get a full refund but can keep all program materials initial  session.


Your service team and  management  staff become active participants  in the focused and  enjoyable  training  experience.  Using group  wisdom,  interactivity, and  high quality content, the curriculum  includes: 1. Agency  Discovery – You begin  with on introductory call with Sheldon to discuss your unique agency  profile,  baseline  metrics, growth  targets, prior  sales initiatives, what’s working  well  in your  agency  and what  could  use some attention. 2. Ready-Set-Mindset – This collective  look  in the mirror  reveals the most crucial  element in sales effectiveness.   Participants  discover why  sales and  service are two sides of the some coin,  and  how the best performers  attend to both simultaneously. 3. Competitive Awareness – Instead of being  scared by aggressive  competitors,  or the large  direct writers,  participants  understand how their approach create opportunity  for you. 4. Goal Setting –

  • What  percent of your  new inquiries  receive a quote but never close?
  • How often and  in what ways does your  team proactively  reach out to the “high-gain”,   monoline accounts?
  • How  can you systematically convert service calls to sales calls and  referral  requests?

Participants  set clear benchmarks  that enable each of them to see where  they are and where to aim. 5. Qualify & Close – Most prospects are happy  to spend your  time and money requesting quotes that they fully intend to price shop.  This is on enormous drain  on agency  resources and  morale.  Participants  practice  the art of a well ‘scripted”   delivery  that courteously  and convincingly   positions them as the best choice  even if their agency  can’t offer the lowest price. 6. Up-sell & Cross-sell – Monoline  and even duo-line    accounts represent a vast, untapped  opportunity to boost revenue or generate  referrals;  both are there for the asking. Participants  learn how to attune their”  opportunity  radar”  on every call so they can sell while  they serve in a manner that keeps their egos and integrity  intact. 7. Outbound Customer  Calls – The best defense is a good  offense. Your agency  can no longer be content with  just part of the business because your competition  will  aggressively  go other all of it. As part of an account rounding  strategy participants  learn a simple plan for making  outbound  calls that easily fits into their busy schedules.  Customers are grateful for the call,  become more loyal,  and eagerly write  more business with you. 8. Handling Objections –

  1. “Thanks a lot for the quote.   I’ll get back in touch with you.”  “I appreciate your  time. Let me check with  my spouse and  I’ll call you back.”  “That sounds expensive. ”  “I’d  like to compare  prices.”   Participants will  learn the art or a well  scripted  reply to the most frequent sales situations, and practice  delivering,  with confidence,  winning  answers.

 Is This Program Right for Your Agency?

1. My CSRs see themselves as sales people and act that way. 2. My CSRs meet regularly to discuss sales ideas, scenarios and to sharpen sales skills. 3. My CSRs can ably handle the low price threat from big competitors, and other frequent sales challenges. 4. My CSRs can measure and monitor the ratio of inbound calls to sales offers, offers to quotes, and quotes to closed business. 5. I’m satisfied with the frequency and closing rate new inquiries to the agency, as well as my team’s accounting rounding success. » If you answered “no” more than “yes” you should invest in this program. » Grow to a new level of competency and commitment to boost your team’s sales effectiveness. » Call Sheldon 413-244-2294 or email sheldon @ to schedule the agency discovery meeting and set the training  times that work best for your agency.

“Sheldon   worked   with my team  to build on  their strengths  and provide   the tools  to easily  transition from service to sales  and  back again,  showing  that  there isn’t  much difference   between the  two.And  he makes  the whole  process  fun to be part of    Not  only  did my staff  enjoy  their time with Sheldon,   but they  also measurably increased  the cross  selling  and  closing  skills. Indeed, Sheldon’s work   helped   my team nearly   double   their closing  ratio. This transition was much  more  effective than  I ever  thought  possible. “ – Peter Whalen,  Owner  of Whalen  Insurance

My Account Management team has always been good. By hiring Sheldon we all got better at selling. We increased our closing rate by 50% with first time callers, and the amount of wasted time issuing quotes that never closed dropped by half. Most importantly, we are 100% better in our collective comfort level having a sales conversation,meaning the daily communications that require a direct,consistent and honest approach to identifying our best sales or service opportunities. It’s a revolution the way my team has embraced a sales culture. Now they all want sales opportunities! – Rich Webber, Co-Owner, Webber and Grinnell Insurance