Case: TechCavalry is a well respected and growing on-call, computer support firm. Their motto is “Help is on the way”, and customers around the region indeed rely on speedy, courteous, and competent computer support spanning a wide spectrum of technical sophistication. A team of seven uniformed computer technicians, driving branded vehicles make thousands of support calls per year to business and residential customers.

Challenge: TechCavalry’s management has ambitious plans for growth including the possibility of franchising. But like many growing businesses, operational issues often get attention and strategic sales and marketing initiatives get ignored. Consequently, key marketing strategies do not get adequate resources and often go unmeasured. Though traditional advertising is an effective marketing tool for TechCavalry, the firm knew it could capture even more revenue without adding new expenses by training the technicians to act as sales ambassadors. TechCavalry called Steady Sales Group to provide consulting, direction and spark to a well conceived but slightly stalled marketing plan.

Recommendation: Start with an empty three ring binder to build the franchise handbook organically – chapter by chapter by chapter. Populate the marketing section of the binder with simple tactics, including policies and procedures on how to keep the tech team selling while they are servicing. Conduct a series of trainings where the team learns to comfortably wear both the sales and the service hats. Carve out regularly scheduled times each month to review and plan the marketing action calendar.

Result: Enabled the entire technical team to feel comfortable in a sales role to supplement their excellent technical skills. After just a few guidance sessions, TechCavalry reported that sales were up and technicians were now coming to the president with ideas to add more value to each call.

“Our work with the Steady Sales Group helped increased the average revenue per appointment by 20%. Total revenues for the company were up 50% during the six months after the training. TechCavalry is now an avid fan of Steady Sales Group!” 
Jef Sharp, President. (413) 586-7070