As I was digging through some archival video footage of past seminars and workshops that I have delivered, I came across a little nugget that I think provides an excellent way to think about maintaining progress in the face of setbacks.

I don’t provide a lesson so much as a metaphor in the form of a short story that I tell about a little boy who received a baseball bat, ball, and mitt for his birthday, and then proceeded to demonstrate his hitting prowess with a very surprising result.

This four-minute video introduces a goal planning worksheet that I called, “The Steady Sales Chart”. You can download the worksheet for free here:

Check it out. There’s room on this four-page action planning tool for you to think big, as in, “What do I want to do with my life?” There is also plenty of room for you to get more down to earth as in “What do I have to do to close more sales this month?”

In essence, it’s all about steady improvement. I hope you will use my Steady Sales Chart as an action planning tool to help you focus on the highest gain activity to which you can dedicate yourself in the next 30-60 and 90 days to advance any long-term vision you have.