Since Sheldon conducted the sales training, I have seen an improvement in many of my employees.  They seem to feel more confident in asking and I have seen most of them increase their sales tracking numbers.  Mostly in the cross sell and upsell categories.  The staff that attended had really great feedback from the training.  Many of them stated that Sheldon had really great transition words to use so they could ease into the conversation naturally with the customer.   They stated that Sheldon was informative and kept them engaged the whole time and they could have easily spent a full day with him.  Many employees mentioned that they are continuing to track their asks as it makes them more aware of their goals.  Employees felt that Sheldon’s suggestions empowered them and provided them with the confidence to just ask.  Employees commented that they liked the webinars and also liked the fact that they could see Sheldon on the webcam which made for a better presentation.