Our work with Sheldon began in December, 2016. We started with a general session for our entire staff which developed into small groups for personal and commercial teams. More than a year later we continue to work and grow with Sheldon. He has become part of our team. We began is a group of experienced insurance agents, knowing products and carriers. Our staff, like many, thought they would know the answers to Sheldon’s teachings. Instead, with repetition and practice our two teams developed not only a rapport with Sheldon but more importantly with his methods. This relationship has resulted in better conversations with our clients, more confidence on the part of our team, and increased sales for the agency! With a team of six we were averaging 80 personal lines sales per month at the beginning of 2017. With our team now up to eight and we are averaging 190 policies per month! Educate, practice and apply, repetition and support. Sheldon has provided all of these to our team. It is through patience and repetition that Sheldon has created the method from which we work when we, as management, here the scripting in use throughout the day, we know the program has been successful. I’m happy to recommend Sheldon in the Steady Sales Group and happy to share our results.