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Thank Sheldon for your insightful training.  You helped our Team to realize what we were missing in our sales techniques and how to confidently and successfully overcome some of our challenges by stepping outside our comfort zone.  We continue to measure and practice in order to grow our sales.  Thank you again!

Chrissy Tracy, Personal Lines Manager
Thoman H. Heist Insurance

Sheldon’s sales coaching gave my staff much more confidence  and the guidance they needed to sell and help grow our agency. Each session had great information that they could apply to everyday situations. The CSR’s are now doing much more cross-selling and upselling. This is a great program and I highly recommend it.

Anne Yessman, President
Senka Agency

Our work with Sheldon began in December, 2016. We started with a general session for our entire staff which developed into small groups for personal and commercial teams. More than a year later we continue to work and grow with Sheldon. He has become part of our team. We began is a group of experienced insurance agents, knowing products and carriers. Our staff, like many, thought they would know the answers to Sheldon’s teachings. Instead, with repetition and practice our two teams developed not only a rapport with Sheldon but more importantly with his methods. This relationship has resulted in better conversations with our clients, more confidence on the part of our team, and increased sales for the agency! With a team of six we were averaging 80 personal lines sales per month at the beginning of 2017. With our team now up to eight and we are averaging 190 policies per month! Educate, practice and apply, repetition and support. Sheldon has provided all of these to our team. It is through patience and repetition that Sheldon has created the method from which we work when we, as management, here the scripting in use throughout the day, we know the program has been successful. I’m happy to recommend Sheldon in the Steady Sales Group and happy to share our results.

Trish Vassallo, Director of Personal and Commercial Insurance
Encharter Insurance

The time spent with you was definitely beneficial.  They said it helped them make more cross-sales, and do less renewal remarketing.  (Diane said “way less rewrites.”)  They said it helped them to share the ideas, and bounce ideas off each other.  They said the monthly format really helped reinforce the principles. From my point of view, cutting down on the renewal remarketing alone was worth the price of admission!  Of course that means more time for sales, so it’s a win-win.  I appreciated that we had our little management meetings right before each session so we were on the same page.  And I especially like that you listened to me moan and whine, and you talked me off the ledge on more than one occasion.  Sometimes I forget that it’s a process and things don’t change overnight.  Looking back, I can definitely see the improvements, and know that we’re headed in the right direction.  Without your training and follow-through, we would not have been successful.

Cathy Hall, CIC, AAI, AIM, CPIA, Vice President
Personal Lines Manager  Forest Agency Insurance

Your engaging coaching style is unlike anything I have come across. The no-nonsense, yet caring approach to working with our agency was just the tool we needed to get the agency to run more efficiently and ignite our sales. Your coaching not only fuels selling, it change s daily communications to really identify the best possible sales and service opportunities. I highly recommend Sheldon to any sales person or sales team looking to take their results and their process to the next level.

Ely Kaplansky

Since Sheldon conducted the sales training, I have seen an improvement in many of my employees.  They seem to feel more confident in asking and I have seen most of them increase their sales tracking numbers.  Mostly in the cross sell and upsell categories.  The staff that attended had really great feedback from the training.  Many of them stated that Sheldon had really great transition words to use so they could ease into the conversation naturally with the customer.   They stated that Sheldon was informative and kept them engaged the whole time and they could have easily spent a full day with him.  Many employees mentioned that they are continuing to track their asks as it makes them more aware of their goals.  Employees felt that Sheldon’s suggestions empowered them and provided them with the confidence to just ask.  Employees commented that they liked the webinars and also liked the fact that they could see Sheldon on the webcam which made for a better presentation.

Julie Dimeo, Senior Vice President
Eastern Insurance Group

Sheldon and his Steady Sales workshop has been a life changer for me personally in helping me set goals and has had a positive effect on the training of our CSR team. The results and change in attitude about selling have been stellar!

Sharon Gibson, Manager–Operations Client Experience
Bankers Insurance

My organization is in a better place, due to the time we spent with Sheldon. We have moved from a Service only organization to a “Sales is Service Too” organization. This was the largest obstacle we had, and I can honestly say we no longer have it. Now that I have some people engaged in selling, asking for referrals, and directing inquiries to the phone, our sales will continue to grow! Thank you Sheldon.

Pete Luciano, Director of Sales and Personal Lines Insurance
Cross Insurance

Our team is engaged with Sheldon and his training has focused our service team on more meaningful service interactions that lead to both improved retention and more sales. Giving us new tools and new skills to apply has enhanced our staff and generated positive results to our clients and, in turn, our company.

Mike Hedden
COO Bankers Insurance

Sheldon’s approach to sales has made a positive impact on our employees. Everyone’s sales are up, and service continues to improve. The investment we made was well worth it! Thank you Sheldon..

Cindy Brouillet, Personal Lines Manager
Cross Insurance, Manchester, NH Cross

It was always energizing, productive and enjoyable working with Sheldon…and our team benefited greatly.  He was able to break down the barriers and the ‘fears’ attributed to selling and offered ideal words, phrasing and techniques to help our sales professionals feel comfortable and increase productivity.  Serve + 1 is our new mantra…and the “asks” have increased over 100%.

Garrett W. Durland, President
Seely & Durland Insurance,

Everyone was expecting the “same old sales seminar”.  I can promise you, Sheldon’s training is quite the opposite.   He brings an energy level and approach to his seminars that pulls account managers out of their normal sales routines and comfort zones to a new level of effectiveness.   I know that attendees leave his seminars with important insights and better equipped to talk to customers about account rounding and up selling.  Sheldon’s seminars are a fun (yes, insurance can be fun) and powerful way to help account managers achieve their personal goals while improving their overall agency sales goals.

Kendra Schenkel, Regional Distribution Leader
TN, Hanover Insurance Group

As an insurance veteran, having seen countless training programs, I was very pleased with Sheldon’s sales knowledge and the energy that he generated in the room. He created an engaging and positive learning experience for our CSR’s, Account Managers and Agents that left each of them with clear take-aways to drive more sales to their agencies. His focus on simple yet effective techniques to comfortably transition from service to sales conversations, made it easy for even the most reluctant service professional to sell. I will definitely utilize in future sales training opportunities. Thanks Sheldon!

Mr. Kevin Agal, Regional Vice President
IN, The Hanover Insurance Group

Sheldon did for my agency what I’ve been trying for years: he taught selling skills to make the self-described service staff much more comfortable with selling.   He reached the staff at their level, he connected with them, and they trusted what he had to say.  By the time he finished his excellent sales training program, any sense that ‘selling’ is a dirty or scary word mostly disappeared from my staff of twenty. They left his program inspired, and I immediately saw team members apply what he taught.   Indeed, the staff is having selling successes like never before. Sheldon is a real pro at what he does- teaching selling skills to insurance CSR’s and agents – and I highly recommend him, just as long as it’s not to my competition down the street.

Steve Aronson, Owner
Aronson Insurance

I was impressed with Sheldon’s approach but most notably his familiarity with the insurance business and the CSR role in particular. He connected well with my staff and effectively addressed everyday challenges and opportunities through a participatory process. He inspired a renewed sense of purpose in creating win-win-win situations: My staff is energized, my customers are better protected, and my agency has stronger customer relationships and increased revenues. In fact, I have on CSR that has written 7 umbrellas in the two months just after Sheldon’s training. In the same period, our closing ratio is up 11% across all lines. I highly recommend Sheldon’s program to any agency serious about organic growth and retention.

Richard M. Bagley, Co-Owner
Anderson, Bagley & Mayo Insurance

Sheldon coached my staff of twelve to a new level of sales effectiveness. They liked how the program flowed, that his good, positive personality brought to the forefront how effective cross selling and up selling can be with the right words and tools, and that feelings of fear about selling are normal but can be overcome with a bit of practice.  Sheldon’s program created that opportunity for my agency and now I’m running with it.  Thank you Sheldon!

Ryan Moore, Owner
Taylor Moore Insurance

The best endorsement that I can give is to hire someone again, and that’ exactly what I did with Sheldon Snodgrass of He added significant value to my agency; an opinion unanimously shared by all my employees.  He brought a solid understanding of my business, an inspirational manner, and helped us succeed in an area where we struggled for years; writing personal lines policies for our commercial lines accounts.  Thank you Sheldon!

Boston Metro Agency Owner (preferred anonymity.)

The Hanover Insurance Group has worked extensively with Sheldon to offer a variety of sales training and skill building programs to some of our top agency partners in Massachusetts. The Sales Accelerator Program, for personal lines CSRs and Account Managers, focused on how to account round and close new inquiries faster and more effectively. Attendees indicated that the content was realistic and actionable, allowing them to work on skills and behaviors necessary to cross-sell, up-sell, and account round with more confidence and frequency. In response to a post program survey, 96% of participants indicated “the program helped boost their sales effectiveness”. Feedback from Agency Principals following the sessions was overwhelmingly positive in terms of enhancing sales skills and building a stronger sales mindset within their personal lines departments.

Ed Ruhl, RVP, MA Personal Lines
The Hanover Insurance Group

Sheldon did a terrific job in jumpstarting our sales culture with his energetic and enthusiastic coaching.  Implementing Sheldon’s relatively simple suggestions and small changes, we’ve already seen our asks increase by over 200%.  Quotes and closes are up, and we are thrilled with the results!

Barbara Targum, Vice President
Dwight Rudd Insurance

Sheldon worked with my team to build on their strengths and provide the tools to easily transition from service to sales and back again, showing that there isn’t much difference between the two. And he makes the whole process fun to be part of.  Not only did my staff enjoy their time with Sheldon, but they also measurably increased the cross selling and closing skills. Indeed, Sheldon’s work helped my team nearly double their closing ratio.  This transition was much more effective than I ever thought possible.

Peter Whalen, Owner
Whalen Insurance,

My team and I have participated in numerous programs designed to increase account rounding skills.  Without a doubt the Steady Sales Program is the very best and most effective of its kind. Sheldon’s program is designed to help Account Managers understand that account rounding a valuable client service. He then provides  simple but effective tools to help Account Managers become comfortable and optimally effective with the account rounding process.  We are so pleased and excited about the Steady Sales Program we plan to have additional employees participate in the future.  Steady Sales is an outstanding program and has improved the comfort level of our team and sales results of those who have participated.

Angela M. Pickup, CIC, AAM, AIS, AIM, API, CPIW Executive Vice President-Personal Insurance Division
Hub International New England

I was looking to provide my account managers with some training on how to effectively manage their client’s books of business in order to achieve policy growth, improve retention and increase revenue. After listening to Sheldon speak about his Steady Sales program I decided to give it a try and I’m glad I did. Sheldon’s program provided my account managers with renewed confidence in making outbound sales calls and asking the right questions when reviewing policies without the feeling of being a pushy salesperson. The results have been just what we had hoped for as we saw an immediate increase in opportunities to write additional business for our clients. I would recommend the Steady Sales program to any agency principal who is looking to improve the profitability of their agency.

Stephen M. Brochu, Vice-President
AAA Pioneer Valley

Thank you so much for coming to our office for 5 days and helping our agency . My staff will certainly put your ideas and exercises to great use. We were frustrated with our cross selling results but within a short time we have already seen some great results from your CSR SALES TRAINING PROGRAM. I would recommend your services to any insurance agent. Thanks again and hope to see you soon.

Paul J Shea CPCU,CIC, Owner
Laporte,Shea & Borys Insurance Agency

Sheldon’s session reinforced and improved upon everything that we have been trying to do for years in the areas of cross-selling and up selling. Our personal lines new business has clearly increased each month since we started working with him, and cross-selling has definitely improved, especially in the personal umbrella area. Our team’s comments are the best testimonial that we can provide: “he taught me new and creative ways to ask for a sale.” “He raised our level of awareness of sales opportunities and helped us get more focused.” If you want a more productive agency with improved retention, and if you want to increase the number of policies that you have for each policyholder, you should definitely bring Sheldon into your agency!

James R Phaneuf, President
Bell and Hudson Insurance Agency

Our agency has always been proactive and encouraged, trained and rewarded  our team to “sell”. Sheldon, in the very first session was able to  boost sales effectiveness, give confidence and comfort in selling and address beliefs, fears and perceived pressures of selling in a way no other seminar did.  Our staff enjoyed Sheldon’s infectious energy, preparedness and ability to engage everyone through measurable “homework” assignments and awareness tools.  By the last session, 80% of the calls turned into new business and we saw an increased growth in coverage up sells as a TEAM. It has been just a week but I can see everyone, fine tuning their language and enjoying their successes! Plus employee feedback on this course was so positive and team building! Thank you Sheldon!!

JoAnne Finck, Vice President
Finck and Perras Insurance

Sheldon Snodgrass came in to train my sales staff and wowed us! He did not come in and try to tell us how it’s done but instead helped us break down the barriers we all have about selling and reaching out to people. Sheldon’s effervescent attitude and attention to each individual in a group setting made him different from any other sales training we have done. Our sales are up substantially the first month after our sales training with Steady Sales.  Indeed, I am happy to say that at the tenth of the month, we are already at 60% of our very aggressive goal.  Sometimes, you just need a kick start and some new direction. Sheldon Snodgrass, the Steady Sales Coach helped us with just that and now my sales staff has a new look to it thanks to Sheldon.

Mr. Glenn Montgomery, Co-Founder
Murphy & Jordan Insurance

I highly recommend the Personal Lines Training program offered by Steady Sales. Sheldon provided our employees with the tools to succeed at rounding out accounts and improving their overall performance. He helped develop confidence among my Account Managers and provided initiative for professional growth. Sheldon brings enthusiasm to the table and encourages all employees to get out of their comfort zone and get results.

Jane Driscoll, Chief Financial Officer
The Driscoll Agency

Over the course of his coaching we saw a 73% increase in net new PL policies! I knew our personal lines department had to change to compete.  Sheldon gave my CSR team the tools needed to not only close more deals but to generate more leads.  With his guidance, my team launched an unprecedented, outbound call campaign to round every personal line account in the agency.  Our CSR’s now have the comfort and confidence to take calls and make calls that result in additional lines of business for our agency. Thanks Sheldon!

Bob Borawski
Owner Borawski Insurance

Sheldon had a tremendous impact on my CSRs.   His ideas and energy motivated my staff in ways I never could.   In fact, after just two meetings he had them changing their thoughts & behaviors, which had a direct impact on our sales results. After just six weeks our cross selling campaign generated a 100% increase in life insurance leads over the same time period last year.

Geoffrey Stanton, Co-Owner
Stanton Insurance Agency

Sheldon not only helped our CSRs tune into to more sales opportunities, but also helped them translate that awareness into action that more closed business. Our cross selling conversations increased by 36% and we more than doubled the number of sales from cross selling over the same period last year. Using techniques we learned from Sheldon we ask better questions, keep better score, and hold ourselves more accountable to the work of being our client‘s independent, insurance advocate. I highly recommend Sheldon Snodgrass, The Steady Sales Coach.

Jules Gaudreau, Owner
The Gaudreau Group

In my 25 years in the insurance and  employee benefits field I’ve experienced a number of high quality sales programs, but none of the techniques have affected the kind of  immediate change in behavior that Sheldon Snodgrass has.  His sales coaching inspires us to adopt new sales skills, processes and selling techniques every day that generate dramatic results. Indeed, our year over year growth was 30%! Sheldon is a dynamic sales coach whose Guerrilla Marketing strategies and creative energy is enormous. Sheldon is an invaluable asset to my firm.

Bob Cummings, Managing Principal
American Benefits Group (An NFP Company)

I have been in sales for over 30 years. I have mentored many people during that time. Sheldon was able to boil our sales process down quickly to its fundamentals, and then reconstitute it into a fashion that made more it clear, concise and meaningful to potential clients. During this process Sheldon worked with our ideas and specialties. He helped us craft these into a process that we can teach others in our company. In fact he even taught a 30+ year veteran a new way to look at things. I will continue to use Sheldon and would recommend him for your company.

Michael Long, Owner
Axia Insurance Group

Sheldon’s sales training and the impact he had on my twenty CSR’s wow’d us! I’ve seen or hired countless trainers in my 33 years in the insurance business, but few who generate the participant enjoyment and skill application that Sheldon Snodgrass does. After his training, I could hear my team selling better, and I could count a 20 % increase in the number of rounded accounts not to mention an increase in new closed business to the agency. I recommend Sheldon as a teacher and mentor to any agency owner focused on empowering CSR’s to sell while they serve.

Bill Dowd, President and COO
Encharter Insurance

Hire Sheldon immediately!  He packs tremendous sales value into a short period.  So much so that I watched him turn a CSR who “hated salespeople” into a representative who, by the end of the training day, was convinced she could be a sales catalyst for her agency. If you are an Insurance Agency owner who believes CSR sales skills are the key to growth and retention, do not hesitate to book a training session with Sheldon Snodgrass.

Marshall Katz, Insurance Education Training & Consultant
Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents

In 4 months, 
my firm earned back nine and a half times what I had invested in the Steady Sales Group. Sheldon has assisted us in opening up new marketing opportunities, maximizing technology and web sales, all areas we were failing to maximize. I can say emphatically that Sheldon has made a tremendous impact on our companies success and profitability in a very short period of time. But best of all is his enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit!! I just look forward to what next great idea he has in store for us! Thank you Sheldon for all your wisdom, energy and risk-taking spirit. If you are looking for an individual who can deliver on the promise of generating and closing real leads that lead to real revenue Sheldon Snodgrass is your man.

Charlie Epstein, President
The 401kCoach Program

The energy that sheldon brought into our office and each one of our sales meeting’s, was infectious! He led role plays of “real life” sales situations, teaching us to take control of the moment, feel more empowered and willing to take sales risks. Everyone learned if they don’t ask for the sale, someone else probably will. Our focus is now on creating opportunities, whether it is from a new prospect or rounding out an existing account, and our sales results show it because our policy count is up! I thank him for his unending energy and professionalism. Sheldon is a breath of fresh air and well worth the investment!

Anthony Trapasso and Ann Marie Halstead Trapasso, co-owners
Halstead Insurance.

I highly recommend Sheldon for his ability to increase sales performance and team confidence. His coaching has been right on target.  He’s reinvigorated me and my staff, honed our selling process, and helped us to deliver a more powerful and valuable sales message.  We now have higher quality appointments and more closing opportunities as a result of our work with Sheldon.

Rich Webber, Owner
Webber & Grinnell Insurance

My Account Management Team has always been good. By hiring Sheldon we all got better at selling, especially in the daily communications that require a direct, consistent and honest approach to identifying our best sales or service opportunities. With Sheldon’s help we are committed to steady progress not perfection as a means to a better bottom line

Bill Grinnell
Webber and Grinnell Insurance