Case: The 401k Coach is the gold standard in education, practice development and training for the marketing, selling and servicing of retirement plans. Members throughout the country commit to a full year’s participation for a flat fee tuition. Then – every ninety days for 1 to 3 years they reconvene under one roof to learn from each other, capture best practices and hone their execution strategy for building their 401k Practice.

Challenge: The 401k Coach possessed a solid business infrastructure, skilled staff, and invested significantly in multiple marketing vehicles. As an early stage company, enrollment and revenue goals were being largely met, but many opportunities for additional profit were slipping through the cracks left by an imbalance between the marketing and sales function. Sales prospects that were generated through marketing outreach were often neglected simply because there was no one on staff to follow up consistently, advance the sales and close.

Recommendation: Get religious about scheduling follow up actions with every prospect inquiry. Manage the sales process (requests for more materials, decision maker conference calls, commitment delays, etc.) assiduously. Develop and use a sales opportunity pipeline. Leverage the power of the Internet to connect to a wider but highly targeted prospect pool.

Result: Developed and executed a methodical sales process including call back schedules, call scripts and sequenced correspondence. Helped fill to capacity the first program Steady Sales was hired to sell. Spearheaded the launch of a sales oriented Web conference that yielded a nearly 300% ROI. A 950% ROI was earned on the fees paid to The Steady Sales Group.

“In 4 months, my firm earned back 9 and a half times what I had invested in the Steady Sales Group. If you are looking for an individual who can deliver on the promise of generating and closing real leads that lead to real revenue Sheldon Snodgrass is your man. While Sheldon had little to no knowledge about our very technical industry, his communication skills and talent for “listening” to what our advisor are “searching for” allowed him to successfully sell our 401k Coach Program to a national market. I have been very impressed with Sheldon’s detailed follow through and weekly reports which provide me with confidence in our “steady” sales progress. Sheldon has assisted us in opening up new marketing opportunities, maximizing technology and web sales, all areas we were failing to maximize. I can say emphatically that Sheldon has made a tremendous impact on our companies success and profitability in a very short period of time. But best of all is his enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit!! I just look forward to what next great idea he has in store for us! Thank you Sheldon for all your wisdom, energy and risk-taking spirit.”
Charlie Epstein, President. (877) 932-6236, (413) 584-6500