Sales and Marketing Challenge: Leading a ten-year-old company that was almost always struggling to the next milestone, ThinkFit Owner Paul Widerman accomplished an amazing amount with very limited resources. But huge opportunities that never fully materialized, glowing press coverage that couldn’t be leveraged, and periodic brinksmanship left Paul wondering what he could possibly do differently. It turned out just a few things – and those made a world of difference.

“I highly recommend The Steady Sales Group to anyone that really cares about their business. Sheldon came highly recommended, and in a few short conversations I realized he would more than live up to the recommendation. Sheldon was particularly adept and sensitive to the issues at ThinkFit of blending Art and Business and maintaining our mission.

We decided to have a daylong seminar at ThinkFit. Sheldon’s insights and preparation for the meeting were on target and enormously helpful. He was there in our corner through a delicate period of growth where many factors had to be balanced. Sheldon immediately grasped the situation. He handled it gracefully and competently helping to navigate a new path.”

Paul Widerman, President. (845) 626-7710