Trailer for the CSR Sales Master class

Audience reaction to Sheldon’s keynote speech

Quick riff on gap between what consumers and sales people perceive

Why sales practice must be focused. BEEP – voice mail. What now?

Start building sales skills by starting with you inner dialogue.

Reduce insurance re-marketing. Measure what your team says not what they sell.

Business problems are personal problems masquerading as business problems

How our thoughts shape our actions which define our results.

YES, I’m afraid to sell. Yes, it’s scary.  Here is the courage.

Stop focusing on victory.  You’ll miss what actually shapes it.

Rigorous self-critique & measurement in the “Judgment Free Zone”

Riddle: I Am Your Constant Companion. Be Firm with Me or I will Destroy You

6-minutes of highlights from a 60-minute Keynote to Field Sales Leaders

Full keynote & workshop address.  Watch the snippets instead.

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